Does your support measure up?

Posted by admin on June 10, 2015

How do you evaluate a BPO vendor? Some questions to ask about support are (both of a vendor and your own internal team):

What is the Call Center service availability rate?
How long before a call gets answered?
What is the average turn around time to respond to tickets/emails/chats (your customer is waiting)?
What is the abandonment rate?
What % of calls are a first call resolution?
What % are being transferred again and again?
What is the level of English fluency of those agents?
What is the skill set, level of training and dedication of those agents?
Are daily call reports being provided?
Is the Call Center promoting your business brand?
Are technical support calls being answered and logged in an appropriate manner?
What is the standard and quality of the call center clarity?
Are all calls recorded and what is the quality assurance monitoring doing about improvement?
What are the redundancies if something goes wrong?
What are the close-rates of staff?
Does the center set expectations that are realistic and hit targets?
Can they assist with fine tuning scripts and maximizing sales?
Do agents retain clients?
Are they minimizing Chargebacks?
What is the cost of acquiring business using this center’s telemarketing and outbound sales agents?
Is management experienced and proactive?
Do they truly care about delivering value to your business?
Are they responsive?
Do they offer customized solutions?
How is the center giving you more bang for your buck?
What is the comparison cost, efficiency, productivity if you recruited locally?
What are the “SWOT” of using this center?
What are the contract and terms of the agreement are they in the best interest of your business?
What if you do nothing and then what is the cost?
Importantly are they honest, transparent and dedicated to doing what they say they will do?

What gets measured, gets managed (or done).