Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for businesses large and small.

SEO Starter

This is the first step to being found online! All packages must include the SEO Starter as this is a setup stage for any further SEO efforts. If you chose to only implement this package, you will already have taken a big step to improve your site’s visibility to the search engines and thus making it easier for potential and current clients to find you.

Onsite SEO

Up to 15 pages / 1-2 keywords

On-Site optimization refers to the process of increasing the relevancy and crawlability of a website for targeted keywords in order to improve its rankings in unpaid search results. We utilize various ways to optimize a site, either through coding, keyword density, or content. Our approach will depend on your current site structure.

Google Webmaster Tools setup

Google Webmaster Tools can help you track the status of your website, alert you of any malware issues and provide information about Google specific traffic to your website.

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is a statistics tool offered by Google that gives detailed statistics of a website’s traffic and traffic sources. Google Analytics also tracks referrers from search engines and social network sites, direct visits, and referring sites.

Automated monthly traffic reports

Analytics report delivered to your email.

Site/Structure Analysis

– Site Dimension, Number of pages

– Analyzing internal links, broken links, etc.

– Site Map, Navigation, Tracking

Site/Business Analysis

– Site Overview
– Product/Services Categories


We will optimize current metadata or create if it’s missing.

SEO Advanced and SEO Enterprise

Once the On-Site Optimization is done you can continue on with your SEO by adding either the Advanced or Corporate package. These packages focus on content writing as well as submission for said content. All content will be written using the keywords your company wants to rank for which has been established during the “Starter Package”. We will choose sites to submit to that best fit your business or the particular article or blog.

Blog Writing

Blogs are a great way to communicate with your consumers and clients. They provide a personal point of view to a particular subject and are more casual than articles. Blog posts are also shorter than articles ranging between 200 and 500 words.

Article Writing

Articles are more informative and formal in nature; they are fact based and have a more formal tone. An article is also more detailed and can range anywhere between 500 to 1,500 words, sometimes more.

Press Release Writing

How your image appears to the public is important. Whether it’s for issuing an official statement or creating brand awareness online, formulating an effective press release is a good way to make it happen. Please note that Press Releases are only advisable when you have a unique message or announcement and should be used sparingly in order to mark the importance of the releases.

Social Bookmarking

Social media platforms have come a long way in boosting website traffic organically. When people share your site’s valuable content online via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, a social bookmark is made which you can use to your advantage to advertise products and services.

Organic Link Building

The idea is to establish your domain as a trusted website people can go to for relevant information. When a trusted site links their site to your domain, your website is likely to be indexed as a trustworthy source as well. It’s also a great way to get known in your niche.

Site Reputation Monitoring

What other people has to say about a company’s products or services is beyond anyone’s control regardless of its authenticity. This is where site reputation monitoring comes in. By enforcing a positive content in search engine results, the negative reputation is controlled and if possible removed online.

Web Directory Listings, Web Article and Blog Submission

We will post to relevant venues that accept these types of submissions to drive traffic, leads, and conversions.

Forum and Guest Posting

We will create relevant content and post it on related websites and forums. Account creation and management to forum sites is included. This strategy helps in growing online audience and brand awareness.